Officially started in 1980 by Mr. Ador Ordonez, Tour Organizers has catered to ticketing, travel documenting, and offering tour packages amongst other things. What make this travel agency well-known are the unique group outbound tours that resulted in pioneering numerous group tours including Russia, Africa, South America, and much more.

Designed according to the interest of the clients, experienced Filipino escorts also lead the tour in order to give the passengers service that is unrivaled. The staff has also been thoroughly trained by the president in terms of dealing with the passengers with humility above all else, making the passengers number one in the success of the business.


  • South America

    What started out as an interesting continent to travel became the first Filipino tour to ever set foot on South America in 1972. For more than 25 years, Tour Organizers has been visiting South America and celebrating its anniversaries with style. With more than 40 people, the group has been given royal treatment (with a red carpet and an airplane announcing their arrival in the city) as welcome by the Brazil Tourism.

    One of the places that are featured in the South America tour package would be Rio de Janeiro which is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world and is the second largest city in Brazil. With numerous cities surrounded by the sea and the mountains surrounded by the cities, Rio definitely earns its title as A Cidade Maravilhosa — “The Marvelous City”. This city is also rich with culture as it is well-known for the Carnival celebrations, its upbeat music (which includes the Samba), the beach around the city, and of course the unique mixture of Portuguese and Molatos.

    Another city that’s included on the itinerary would be Argentina which is known as the Paris of Latin America. On its border lies Iguazu Falls which holds its title as one of the 8 Wonders of the World, is the biggest waterfall in the world wherein its waters come from Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, and also acts as a border for these three territories. The water fall holds onto a legend wherein a jealous god separates the river wherein his human fiancée fled with her lover, creating the now famous waterfalls to eternal fall.

    South America, wherein Magic Realism was first born, is a world of the marvelous and of unusual beauty with its exotic spots and tropical surroundings that can only be thoroughly experienced with much appreciation through the help and expertise of Tour Organizers. ( Link to the South America itinerary)


  • Africa

    One of the pioneering tours of Tour Organizers includes Africa wherein the idea came in the form of a loyal passenger who wanted to experience a place of exoticness. With that, a tour for Africa was made and launched in 1989. Though in 2000 there was a lack of people who joined the tour, it made a huge comeback in 2001 and 2002.

    In 2001, the tour group experienced a Bush Garden Dinner wherein they were made to eat outside under a small tent which was lit up only by a few lamps, making the experience more intimate. In the middle of the dinner, the passengers were surprised with a tribal dance by the Masaimara people who took them away from the groups own worlds and welcomed them into the Africans’ ancient way of life through their ritual-like dancing and singing. In 2002, the tour group experienced a one-of-a-kind balloon ride over the African Safari which became a first for Tour Organizers because, in its previous years touring in Africa, it was the only time wherein they featured a balloon ride. In this way, not only does the group get to see Africa’s beauty from its tribal people, they also see its safari beauty from above.

    Although Africa is well-known for its safari adventures and the wildlife that can be found here, it is also known for its beautiful sceneries and sophistication. Take for example Cape Town with its Rio De Janeiro-like features and its rugged territory. The famous Table Bay Mountain can be seen here which overlooks the whole of Cape Town. Not only that, here you would also find Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head which, like Table Bay Mountain, are almost-vertical cliffs. The tour also includes a trip to the Cape of Good Hope wherein the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. Not only is Cape Town known for its beauty, it’s also known for its shopping districts.

    Africa has become one of the most unique tours that have been held for the past few years wherein people can feel the intimacy through the wonderful wilderness of the unique cities found. (link to the Africa itinerary)  (picture of the Newspaper article)