3 Reasons why Mona Lisa is so famous


1.  1st painting of the Royal collection of King Francis. Before Leonardo da Vinci died, he sold the  Mona Lisa to King Francis. Which became the 1st painting King Francis and decided to make a Royal collection.

2 . Nobody knows who she is. Her name is Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa which means  Madonna Lisa but nobody still knows who she is.

3. The painting technique called  Sfumato. Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the 1st painters who used this technique.  It is an Italian technique where there are no harsh outlines, and it is painted with full strokes that enhance color and light.

Why is it so expensive?
During the 20th century the painting was stolen by an Italian artist that worked in the Lourve. During the 3 years that it was missing, France offered so much money for the Mona Lisa to be found that it became the most expensive painting during that time. But right now its priceless.

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